98% uptime

The 2% left, it's due possible updates and restarts...

Dog companion

Who doesn't want a pet during the apocalipse?

More zombies

They are not friendly... expect a few bites. Hit hard, live longer!

Balanced trader

Fair prices... what matters in the end, is survive!

More wild life

We understand that you need to survive, so... go hunt!

Automatic seasons

Season is automatically changed every monday.

More loot

You find loot more frequently, it is still random tho...

Friendly admins

We are all here for the same, have a good time!

Don't be shy, join us!

All the info is there... for easy access! Win-win!

our launcher

The Last People on Earth Launcher is available!


Player conduct

1. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and hate speech

2. No advertising

3. Don’t SPAM

4. In global chat write in English only

5. It’s not allowed to pretend to be an admin via side chat, discord or in-game voice

6. The use of Hacks, Glitches or Exploits is not permitted, and will result in temporary or permanent ban

7. All of the resources resulting from Hacks, Glitches or Exploits will be removed from the player


1. It’s forbidden to block roads/bridges

2. Base building in high loot areas it’s not allowed


1. Vehicles in safe zones can’t be parked for more than 1 restart or they can be removed without warning

2. Cars can receive damage, be carefully… in other words, the risk is entirely yours

Areas - PvP/PvE

1. This server is PVE, we want players to enjoy what DayZ has to offer

2. Events announced as PVP


1. Please use the ticket system, available on #support-ticket, or on the website (requires login)

2. When creating a ticket, select the type that you think it better include or define your problem

3. Try to provide the maximum information you can, and evidences to make it easier to understand

4. Private messages to STAFF members most probably will be ignored!

5. Refunds can only be made by presenting evidences. Depending on the situation, the acting admin/supporter decides whether or not if items can be refunded.

6. We will only refund when the player submits a ticket